Before applying for KCJ associate member, please read
"The spirit of KCJ" and the following procedure carefully.
Then extract the application form(pdf). or application form(Excel).
And submit it to KCJ president at the following address:

Shigeaki Ogose
149 Yakaminishi, Aizumicho, Itanogun, Tokushima 771-1251 Japan
E-mail: kcj-c(at)

=======Procedure to be an associate member =====================

(1) Fill out the application form,
(2) Submit it to KCJ by mail or e-mail,
(3) Approved by the KCJ directors,
(4) Make a payment of membership fee on President request.

After you get approval, you are requested to make a payment of
the membership fee.
Regarding the membership fee, please refer to the KCJ
Please do not send the money before approval.



If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask
us at kcj-mem2(at)