Rules of the KCJA-Millennium Edition certificate
                        for radio amateurs outside Japan.
                                           (KEYMEN'S CLUB OF JAPAN)

(as of Oct 1,2001) [Basic Rule] Keymen's Century of Japan Award (KCJA class 100) is available to amateur radio operators who have 100 confirmations for working different Japanese prefectures on CW mode,under the restriction that one prefecture is valid once on a band. * Cross-band contacts are not accepted. * Contacts via satellites are regarded as a separate band. * All contacts must be made from the same DXCC entity. * Multiple callsigns could be combined provided that an applicant can prove his (or her) station history. [Endorsement] Stickers are provided in multiples of 50 between 100 and 400 KCJA credits, in multiples of 25 between 400 and 600 credits, and in multiples of 10 above 600 KCJA credits. [For SWL] This rule is also applied to SWL with necessary modifications. [Application] An applicant should submit a confirmation list, in which callsign, date,time,band,mode and RST of confirmations should be filled. The application form is available from the KCJ web site or from the award manager with a SAE and an IRC. [Fees] An application for KCJA class 100 (basic) will be charged a fee of 4 IRCs or US$4. For an additional endorsement, a charge of 2 IRCs or US$2 is required. [Award manager] JH7FQK
Ichio Ujiie 162 Shionosawa, Kohata, Nihonmatsu, Fukushima 964-0203 Japan (KCJA-me Version: Feb 2011)
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