<HTML lang="ja"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=Shift_JIS"> <HEAD> <META name="GENERATOR" content="IBM WebSphere Studio Homepage Builder Version for Windows"> <META http-equiv="Content-Style-Type" content="text/css"> <TITLE>21th KCJ general meeting</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY bgcolor="lightgreen"> <center> <hr> <br> <font size="+2"> "21th KCJ general meeting"<br> </font> <br> <br> Date:2016 Sep,10 "Eve of the general meeting" Sep, 11 General meeting<br> Place:Iwate Pre. Hanamaki city hotel "Sensyukaku"<br> <br> general meeting attendant:<br> JA0BJ, JA1PHE, JA4TY, JA5CUX, JA5QYR, JA7CPW, JA7TJ, JA7EVH, JA7QLP, JA7UES,<br> JA8AJE, JA9CZJ, JE8RKV, JF7FHY, JI7FBM, JG8NKJ, JH1HTK, JH1NXU, JN1WXW, JR1WJM, JR3KQJ<br> <br> <hr> <br> <font size="+1"> <b> Hotel "Sensyukaku"<br> </b> </font> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-00.jpg"> <br><br> <hr> <br> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-01.jpg"> <br><br> <hr> <br> <font size="+1"> <b> Taking a ceremonial photograph at the eve.<br> </b> </font> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-02.jpg"> <br><br> <hr> <br> <font size="+1"> <b> Greetings of host Takagi "JA7TJ"<br> </b> </font> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-03.jpg"> <br><br> <hr> <br> <font size="+1"> <b> Greetings of host Tominami "JA7CPW"<br> </b> </font> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-04.jpg"> <br><br> <hr> <br> <font size="+1"> <b> Greetings of chairperson Nakajima "JR3KQJ"<br> </b> </font> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-05.jpg"> <br><br> <hr> <br> <font size="+1"> <b> Leading of the toast Takei "JA0BJ"<br> </b> </font> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-06.jpg"> <br><br> <hr> <br> <font size="+1"> <b> Sketch of the eve.<br> </b> </font> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-07.jpg"> <br><br> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-08.jpg"> <br><br> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-09.jpg"> <br><br> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-10.jpg"> <br><br> <br> <br> <font size="+1"> <b> Right "JA7CPW", Left CPW's daughter.<br> </b> </font> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-11.jpg"> <br><br> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-12.jpg"> <br><br> <hr> <br> <font size="+1"> <b> The second party, name "Bar KCJ"<br> </b> </font> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-13.jpg"> <br><br> <br> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-14.jpg"> <br><br> <hr> <br> <font size="+1"> <b> Beginning of general meeting. Greetings of host Endoh "JA7UES"<br> </b> </font> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-15.jpg"> <br><br> <hr> <br> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-16.jpg"> <br><br> <hr> <br> <font size="+1"> <b> Chairperson Nakajima "JR3KQJ" & Commended long-time members.<br> </b> </font> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-17.jpg"> <br><br> <hr> <br> <font size="+1"> <b> Chairperson Nakajima "JR3KQJ" & Secretaries of the general meeting. </b> </font> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-18.jpg"> <br><br> <hr> <br> <font size="+1"> <b> The taking a ceremonial photograph in the general meeting place.<br> </b> </font> <br> <img src="../soukai/soukai16/gm-19.jpg"> <br><br> <hr> </center> </BODY> </HTML>