A unique contest, KCJ contest, is held in every August.
This contest is getting to be one of the major CW contests
among Japanese contesters.
An exchange consists of RST and two characters which stand
for a prefecture name.
This makes a contact short and gives participants the likelihood
of QSOs at high rate.

KCJ contest used to be a kind of domestic contest.
However, we recently have an increasing number of foreign
participants enjoying this contest.

All of the participants are required to submit their logs to
the KCJ contest committee.
One of the most important features of this contest is that
all of the submitted logs are cross checked for all QSOs to
observe their data appearing in the log of the others.
If QSO data are not concordant with each other, these QSOs
are disqualified and omitted for the calculation of the final scores.

Therefore, if you won't submit your logs after the participation
in the contest or if you will submit irresponsible logs, you will make
troubles to other participants.
Some Amateurs don't know that they may cause troubles on the band
because of their selfish or imprudent behaviors.

Contesting is a kind of recreation but has its regulations to be
strictly followed.
We think that amateur radio activities including a contest cannot be
a good pleasure without an order.
However, a lot of unlawful operations are actually found in various
settings both in ordinal and contest scenes.
We intend to clean these violations out from the band through the
KCJ contest.
We also organize TOP band contest in every February for worldwide

1 AC Aichi JA2
2 AM Aomori JA7
3 AT Akita JA7
4 CB Chiba JA1
5 EH Ehime JA5
6 FI Fukui JA9
7 FO Fukuoka JA6
8 FS Fukushima JA7
9 GF Gifu JA2
10 GM Gumma JA1
11 HD Hidaka JA8
12 HG Hyogo JA3
13 HS Hiroshima JA4
14 HY Hiyama JA8
15 IB Ibaraki JA1
16 IK Ishikawa JA9
17 IR Iburi JA8
18 IS Ishikari JA8
19 IT Iwate JA7
20 KA Kagawa JA5
21 KC Kochi JA5
22 KG Kagoshima JA6
23 KK Kamikawa JA8
24 KM Kumamoto JA6
25 KN Kanagawa JA1
26 KR Kushiro JA8
27 KT Kyoto JA3
28 ME Mie JA2
29 MG Miyagi JA7
30 MT Minamitorishima JD1M
31 MZ Miyazaki JA6
32 NI Niigata JA0
33 NM Nemuro JA8
34 NN Nagano JA0
35 NR Nara JA3
36 NS Nagasaki JA6
37 OG Ogasawara JD1O
38 OH Okhotsk JA8
39 OM Oshima JA8
40 ON Okinawa JA6
41 OS Osaka JA3
42 OT Oita JA6
43 OY Okayama JA4
44 RM Rumoi JA8
45 SB Shiribeshi JA8
46 SC Sorachi JA8
47 SG Saga JA6
48 SI Shiga JA3
49 SN Shimane JA4
50 SO Shizuoka JA2
51 ST Saitama JA1
52 SY Soya JA8
53 TC Tokachi JA8
54 TG Tochigi JA1
55 TK Tokyo JA1
56 TS Tokushima JA5
57 TT Tottori JA4
58 TY Toyama JA9
59 WK Wakayama JA3
60 YG Yamaguchi JA4
61 YM Yamagata JA7
62 YN Yamanashi JA1

An exchange two character code which stand
for a prefecture name.
in total 62 Multi.